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Write On

“It’s been a year” is an often-used phrase,

At RM+D we could unpack it for days. 


Immersed in daily life, trends, news and biz, 

30 years as an agency have gone by with a whiz. 


So thinking as we do, convention with a twist,

We asked every RM+Der for their own short list.


Share a phrase, representative of the past year, 

And we’ll design a card for every occasion here. 


For handwritten messages, you’ll find room,

Because isn’t everyone tired of text and Zoom?


This is your space, compose a nice note, 

Sign, stamp and let USPS find the route. 


Keep it simple, doodle, add Xs and Os. 

Getting mail is a thrill, this we all know.  


Our 2021 holiday message is on repeat,

Fighting the good fight is no small feat.


Here’s to being boosted for reasons that are clear, 

It’s time for peace, good health and the new year! 

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