Sticking it on 2019

Twelve months of work-life balancing was fun,

Challenging for sure to get everything done.

An engagement, retirement and milestones met,

News in Chilé and elsewhere sure made us fret. 

We got ourselves moving and walked umpteen miles, 

When things got tough we still found our smiles.

Taking stuff too seriously is not good for health,

What we do is not for fame or for wealth.

To bring closure and get our holiday card out quicker, 

We’ve put favorite sayings on our own stickers.

Laughter is good medicine a wise one once said,

So is time off to recharge and clear your head. 

Our office will be closed 12/23/19 through 1/1/20 to reset,

To reflect on all the craziness and good people we met.

Creating “sticky moments” for our clients, families and friends,

is a constant reminder the good times around here never end. 

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