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Piecing it all together

What a year 2022 has been,

Now we know what we didn’t then:

Not to worry and stress

About the strife and the mess,

To laugh in the face

Of the twists and fast pace.

Thanks to people like you,

We’ve successfully muddled through.

Our disparate pieces—the parts—

Together, they create a work of art!

Finding our inner piece — we fit perfectly together.

Reagan Marketing + Design team members were asked, “What object best describes 2022 for you?”

  1. Rowan Reszka / I’ve grown & expanded my knowledge with unique experiences in 2022!

  2. Elizabeth Bogo / I’m working on it! (balance)

  3. Quinn Steendam / (Trying to) hold it all together.

  4. Cindy Majick / The Majicks needed good luck in 2022.

  5. Priya Stemler / 2022 was a fragile year, as my family and I almost lost my dad. Every day was precious and handled with it’s glorious and shining brighter than ever.

  6. Olivia Perry / I had a year full of changes, and even though it was rocky at times, it ended beautifully.

  7. Korie Gregg / Keeping all the balls in the air.

  8. Denice Bradley / Baking is my therapy.

  9. Gary Mavis / Hard work this year to get in a position for preapproval of a mortgage to buy our first home.

  10. Dani Leonard / After the pandemic and societal chaos, we put ourselves, our relationships, our government and our lives back together.

  11. Brenda Johnson / Continuing to do our best work while “comfortably” working from home.

  12. Mariea Macavei / Oranges symbolize good luck, happiness, prosperity, fertility, positivity and creativity.

  13. Marti O’Brien / Mountains: Had to move them this year; now I’m climbing them!

  14. Amanda Welsh / Because a grande double shot just doesn’t cut it anymore.

  15. Allison Miller / It’s a little blah, a little ugly, a little bit forgotten. But the potato is reliable, versatile and nourishing. 2022 was a lot of things, but the potato is something that you could always count on.

  16. Amanda Bell / We had our first high school graduate in the house; it was a yearlong event.

  17. Darrel Smith / The acorn is a symbol of growth and unlimited potential. It possess all that it needs within to create the mighty oak. The acorn teaches us about our own potential – how one acorn can grow into a massive oak and seed a whole forest.

  18. Sheri Monroe / Complexities, problem-solving and organized chaos.

  19. Jen Wear / In every change, in every falling leaf, there is some pain, some beauty. And that’s the way new leaves grow.

  20. Jessie Waite / Feeling a little shaken, up in the air, with only sarcastic answers left to give.

  21. Danielle Harrington / The joy of three littles.

  22. Ingrid Kocaj / Welcomed a beautiful and healthy baby boy on October 13.

  23. Karen Stellema / Books are my escape route.

  24. Mary Reagan Shapton / My lifeline to get out & walk, take a break, walk the dogs, to think.

  25. Jenny Ajwah / In Native American culture, peacocks symbolize self-confidence, self-esteem, pride, honor, integrity and self-love.

  26. Shannon Prybylla / Freedom to travel after pandemic lockdowns.

  27. Janelle Donahue / 2022 was kind of like BUILDZI for my family. Fast paced problem-solving and scheduling – working together and building as one unit!

  28. Linh-Dan Hoang / This year was a time to embrace my independence and freedom. The Strelitzia, or “bird of paradise” flower, represents that rediscovery for me.

  29. Jazzy Dianpour / 2022 was a year full of gold medals. New friends, new adventures, late nights at Belknap Park and a newfound love for pickleball.

  30. Nick Cote / Life and work can sometimes feel overwhelming and stressful as we are stretched in many directions. But if we keep a flexible approach, we overcome the challenges.

  31. Ryan Kortman / Work hard, play harder.

  32. Josh Weston / I got married, and anything else pales in significance.

  33. Amy Barksdale / Sometimes all you can do is scream until it’s over; other times, you throw your hands up and enjoy the ride!

  34. Julianne Day / Homeownership is security, stability, square 1, home base.

  35. Tara Clappison / Just doing my best to keep everything in balance.

  36. Nauman Mangla / The game of Monopoly is supposed to be fun but ultimately leaves you feeling stressed out, dejected and lamenting economic inequality.

  37. Nathan Bierma / A year of making changes.

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