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Peas on Earth

an ode to plants, people and life

In the kitchen of hard knocks, it’s a salad we make,

Mixing in life experiences and the risks we take.


For the foundational base of fiber, choose lettuce, beans or grains.

Think of these as the relationships that keep us regular and sane.  


Family, friends and neighbors are on the list.

Can’t forget clients as they’d be missed.  


Then layer in veggies for color and taste.

These are your go-to’s in times of trouble and haste.  


Finally, drizzle the dressing that you like best.

This is the surprise finish that adds some zest.  


Whether it’s a pod, a team or group event,

Coming together is always time well spent.  


Life is a salad, as a full entrée or side.

Toss in some fun and enjoy the ride. 

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